Quick Start

For this quick start we assume the following prerequisites:

We assume the following paths:

The documentation path should contain a folder source containing the conf.py file. The doxygen xml output folder should contain the index.xml output file generated by doxygen.

The following steps are required to integrate breathe functionality:

  1. Add the breathe path to your conf.py by adding the following line:

  2. Add breathe as an extension the line could look like this:

    extensions = ['sphinx.ext.pngmath', 'sphinx.ext.todo', 'breathe' ]
  3. Tell breathe about the projects:

    breathe_projects = {"myproject": "/home/me/docproj/doxyxml/"}
  4. Specify a default project:

    breathe_default_project = "myproject"

Once this is done you may use the following commands to include documentation for different constructs:

.. doxygenindex::
.. doxygenfunction::
.. doxygenstruct::
.. doxygenenum::
.. doxygentypedef::
.. doxygenclass::

For each of these commands the following directives may be specified:


Specifies which project, as defined in the breathe_projects config value, should be used for this directive. This overrides the default.


Directly specifies the path to the folder with the doxygen output. This overrides the project and default project.