doxygenpage Directive#

This directive generates the appropriate output for the contents of a doxygen page. A doxygen page is created for each “key” of every \xrefitem command used for markup in the source comments. For more information check the doxygen documentation.

It takes the standard project and path options.

.. doxygenpage:: <page name>
   :project: ...
   :path: ...

Basic Example#

The plain doxygenpage directive will output the page name and description and any variable entries which were defined to be part of this page (with an xrefitem usage).

.. doxygenpage:: xrefsample
   :project: xrefsect

It produces this output:

page xrefsample

Member sample_xrefitem_function  (void)

This text shows up in the xref output.

Failing Example#

This intentionally fails:

.. doxygengroup:: madeuppage
   :project: xrefsect

It produces the following warning message:


Cannot find file “madeuppage” in doxygen xml output for project “xrefsect” from directory: ../../examples/specific/xrefsect/xml/