doxygenenum Directive Example

Working Example

This should work:

.. doxygenenum:: NodeType
   :project: tinyxml

It produces this output:

enum TiXmlNode::NodeType

The types of XML nodes supported by TinyXml.

(All the unsupported types are picked up by UNKNOWN.)


enumerator DOCUMENT
enumerator ELEMENT
enumerator COMMENT
enumerator UNKNOWN
enumerator TEXT
enumerator DECLARATION
enumerator TYPECOUNT

Example with Namespace

This should work:

.. doxygenenum:: foo::ns::Letters
   :project: namespace

It produces this output:

enum foo::ns::Letters


enumerator A

A documented enumeration constant.

enumerator B
enumerator C

Failing Example

This intentionally fails:

.. doxygenenum:: made_up_enum
   :project: restypedef

It produces the following warning message:


doxygenenum: Cannot find enum “made_up_enum” in doxygen xml output