Contributing to Breathe#

There are four main ways you might consider contributing to Breathe.

Give It A Go#

…and let me know! Firstly, the more people using it the better, but more than that, hearing about the project being put to use is a great motivator for the developer, namely me.

Report Bugs & Suggest Features#

Embarrassingly I don’t get to use Breathe that much in my general work, so it doesn’t really get pushed beyond the test code we have here in the repository.

If you use it and find issues with it, minor or major, please let me know and if possible provide some detail so I can reproduce it.

With the help of those who have posted issues on the github issue tracker we’ve managed to track down and improve some of the less obvious (and some more obvious!) parts of Breathe that weren’t working properly.

Improve the Documentation#

I’ve made an effort to document Breathe so it is usable, but I have a twisted perspective on the whole thing as I made it.

I’ve already had some help with the documentation, which was greatly appreciated, but if you managed to get it working and find that the documentation could have been clearer in parts, let me know or write up a paragraph or two that would have helped you when you were trying it.

Fork It! And Improve the Code#

If you find a bug, quite like Python and have some time, then grab a copy of the code and have a go at fixing it. Nothing motivates me quite like other people caring enough to put a bit of time into working on it. The contributions we’ve had this way have been great and much appreciated.

If you want to help out, take a look at the code guide to see how it is all structured and works.